Deep Poems

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  • Dear Alcohol

    Dear Alcohol…
    1 shot, 2 shots, 3 shots, 4
    You would hold me captive but, no more
    The drink has no grip on me
    I am free, I am free

    You would pull me into false confidence
    Telling me lies about who the real me is
    And when things went wrong you were there
    But when I got caught, you were gone into the air

    For you wanted me at my worst
    You were my curse
    But even curses can be broken
    I could break free and be awoken

    You come fast, but leave slowly
    You arrive like you are running a 100-yard dash

    But I must break free
    You blinded me but I shall see
    You hid me from reality
    But it is reality that should hide from me

    For my chains are gone
    I am free, this cage I was in
    No longer burdens me

    Goodbye alcohol
    God hath saved me
    You may miss me but
    I will never miss thee…

  • Me

    My heart, it breaks
    My brain, it hurts
    My soul, it aches

    For I have lost a friend
    One that I never had
    I lost a love
    That once grace could have

    For what I lost can never be found
    What I lost cuts me to the ground
    I lost a love so great
    I lost a friend so dear yet not

    What did I lose?
    I lost myself
    I lost my drive
    I lost my feeling
    My love inside

    For I gave away my soul to gain the world
    And yet I gained nothing
    Nothing but pain
    Nothing but toil…

    I wish every day to wake up
    When this is over
    For I am tired of living this dream

    I wish every day to be relieved
    Relieved of this dismay
    But I see it not soon
    Or at least not this day

    So I have lost something great
    So great even those words don’t describe
    Something my words seem unworthy to speak
    For I have lost “Me…”


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