BrainWave Trivia is a complex trivia game in which you can show your knowledge and even outsmart the trivia question. 
In addition, there is a 100-point optional cipher at the end which may place you ahead if you know how to decrypt a basic but unknown cipher. There is also an optional challenge round which can be entered if you score at least 500 points.


  • March 17— Registration Closed
    • Late registration remains open.
    • All contestant groups will receive an email reminder of the contest.
  • March 19 — Trivia Contest Opens
    • All contestant groups will receive an email providing access to the competition.
  • March 30 — Trivia Contest Closes
  • March 31 & April 1 — Contestants eligible for the Challenge Round will receive an email with instructions.
  • April 2 — Challenge Round Opens
  • April 6 — Challenge Round Closes
  • April 10 — Results Released

No worries! We’ve opened late registration for people just like you! You won’t be able to play until you’re added to the system, but go ahead and register!


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