I’ve spent, in total, over half an hour sharing a story with you of the crossroads that I’ve been facing. I’ve told you of hopes found and hopes dashed to pieces. But now, at last, as you are no doubt on the very edge of your seat for wondering how this will ultimately turn out, I am tremendously and inexpressibly excited and easier to give that answer.

Now just so you know, this issue will not be very long. In other issues, I spend time building up and giving details; introducing you to the people that make the story before I fully share it. But today, I am simply going to share my news. So without further ado, let us praise God together.

You may remember that the main obstacle between me and Bryan College—going through the Air National Guard—was the COVID-19 vaccine mandate effective for armed service members. But on December 23, 2022, President Bien signed the 2023 Defense Authorization Act into law. One of the actions in this Act was to declare that the Secretary of Defense had to fully rescind the mandate within thirty days.

That was not all, however. The next day, on Christmas Eve, the Pentagon stated that it would no longer pursue any action regarding the mandate. This meant that I would not even have to wait for the twenty-third of January. I could sign that dotted line any time I wanted.

Merry Christmas!

The only question now is that of whether or not I am willing to enter military service, in light of the policies being instituted for active military. At first glance, so to speak, I have no doubt that I can make it through reserve duty without getting myself into trouble. I know how an honorable military man behaves, and I fully intend to behave accordingly.

The only issue is how much worse things will get before they get better, if they do.

While this story is not over, I am ready to bring it to a close here. I will still tell you of what occurs along this journey, but I have reached a place of peace. I have very little doubt that I will move forward through the Air Guard and attend Bryan College, which is the answer to my prayer.

This has been a challenge of faith, through which several people have been praying for me. And now, I wish to say thank you to each of them and to God, and at last, bring on tomorrow!

This issue of Strange and Miraculous Ways is part of two series, “Memoirs of a Future Bryan Lion” and “Crossroads“, but the next issue is not in either series, and the next post is not in the SamWay Series.

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