Rising Star” Pages are pages for content or services that are not in full function yet. This may be because they are still being developed, or because the resources to run them at full function are not available currently.

BrainWave is the library of RGBrightMAP. It contains literary works and other digital content and is also home to BrainWave Digital, a digital products publisher.

The BrainWave Library will become home to various types of writing and content publication, including the following:

BrainWave publishers may submit to any of the following:

  • The BrainWave Library
    • Books and Novels
    • Articles and Essays
    • Short Stories
    • Poems
    • Recipes and Lifehacks
    • . . .and more
  • BrainWave Digital
    • Videos, Movies, and Documentaries
    • Digital tools, (how-to articles, tech FAQs and Q&As, file editors and converters*, etc.)
  • BrainWave MindBlone
    • Trivia
    • Riddles
    • Jokes
    • Puzzles and Challenges

*Programs designed to work with user-uploaded files will be subject to rigorous manual review, testing, and security evaluations.