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At RGBright Media and Production, you’ll work with a real live creator, not a bot, and you don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription that you’ll only use it once. Plus, the creators at RGBright are free to set their own prices, so you have more freedom to choose your prices.

You’ll work with one person who will walk with you through every step of the process from dream to reality.


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Hayden Couvillon

Good day, everyone:

I am currently completing high school and preparing for a college career, so I cannot make any guarantees of service at this time. But feel free to place an order!

  • Dual Enrollment Student
    Bryan College
  • Author
    The Euranian Knights,
    Strange and Miraculous Ways
  • Founder, Creator
    RGBright Media And Production,
    RGBright Holidays,
  • Creator, Editor
    BrainWave Digital
  • Videos
  • Images/Graphics
  • Web Design
  • Writing

Born in Nashville in 2004, I have lived in the same house in Tennessee for my entire life. I have always had the desire to create something new — an invention, or a business — but my interests have ranged from mechanics to computers and everywhere in between. In the recent years of the coronavirus, however, I completed an internship at a local radio station, where I developed both a talent and a desire to work with digital media.That same year, after returning to home school the year prior due to the pandemic, I was introduced to Dual Enrollment at Bryan College.My nickname, “Nova”, (properly Novus), is reflective of the fact that I am a new creation in Christ, and that I see His workings in my life anew every day.

Beliefs and Values

I believe, first and foremost, in a Triune God, as described by His own Word, the Bible. I believe in the gift given by Him through His Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins, and rose on the third day to conquer the penalty for my sins, death.Secondly, I hold nothing but God higher than the promise of loyalty that I make to a friend. I also believe in a blind justice, governed by the law of God, holding every man to a moral standard and extending mercy where mercy is due.

Goals and Interests

I have a passion for creating digital media. I particularly enjoy creating videos, but I also create and edit logos and graphics. When I’m not creating digital media, I sit down with my pen or keyboard and start writing.I have written twelve issues of the Strange and Miraculous Ways series, detailing a few of the ways that God has been working in my life through the upheaval of the past two years. I am also currently working on a full-length novel, The Euranian Knights.

Live-Action Film
Movie or documentary-style production with scripted or staged images and/or videos.
Cinematic Slideshow
Short messages and other text elements are displayed over a sequence of images and/or videos.
Can also be simply a sequence of images and/or videos.
Digital Narration
Computer-Generated narration track, created with optional silence and timing or placed directly into your project.

Live Narration

Live-Recorded narration track, created with optional silence and timing or placed directly into your project.

Logo Creation

Custom logo created for any business, event, service or other use.

Logos are exempt from Customer-Owned content fees, and are eligible for a 50% Stock/No-Copyright Content discount

Profile Picture

Profile picture made based on a template, or from scratch.

Price per profile picture
Profile pictures are exempt from Editing and Creation fees and License fees

Graphic Design

Flyer, poster, banner, or other graphics for print or web use, or editing of images to apply special effects, remove backgrounds, and more.

Don’t See It Here?

This page is just an overview of what I can think of, but I am very creative, so feel free to request something else.
License Fees

License Purchase

Copyright license purchased for a project.

Price represents a percentage of the license fee required to use the content in the required project
This price is applied when a license is purchased or upgraded for a project

License Reuse

Pre-purchased copyrighted material used for a project.

Price represents a percentage of the license fee required to use the content in the required project
Based on the lowest license price required for the project

RGB Pixel Creator

This Creator offers Pixel discounts

Get Pixel

Save on every order with a Pixel subscription.

Bryan College

This Creator offers a 10% discount to all students and staff at Bryan College, (Dayton, TN).
Restrictions Apply.

Fiend Advocate

Profile Description

These videos are not intended to encourage harassment.
The videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only.
Copyright Disclaimer – Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. “Allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.”
Fair use is permitted by copyright statute were usage might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tends to satisfy the description of fair use.
Check Titles and links for full context.

  • Media Editing
    • Audio
    • Video
  • Programming
Hobbies and Other
  • Gaming
  • Men’s Rights Advocacy
  • Acting
  • Media Editing
  • Simple Programming
    • C++
    • JavaScript
  • Live Narration (Voiceover)
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